American Cigar Flagship Stores - Davidoff of Geneva - Since 1911 USA

American Cigar Flagship Stores - Davidoff of Geneva - since 1911 USA

Zino Davidoff in front of the first store in Geneva

Davidoff of Geneva
Since 1911

In 1911 Henri Davidoff opened a cigar store at the Rue du Marché in Geneva which would later become the world’s leading cigar boutique under the helm of Zino Davidoff.

Memorable moments in
people's lives

Zino Davidoff introduced a level a level of service excellence and cigar connoisseurship that had formerly been unheard of. His expertise and welcoming character attracted the VIPs of his time. Elvis Presley, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Ursula Andress were amongst his clients and trusted in his impeccable taste.

Zino Davidoff with a customer

The first Walk-in humidor ever built

Zino Davidoff also created the world’s first climate controlled walk-in-humidor in the basement of his boutique to mimic the climate conditions of the Caribbean and ensure the superiority of his offerings. Later he invented the desktop-humidor with a self-regulating humidifier so his clients could enjoy their cigars perfectly at home.

hand made cigars flagship store

Same Expertise Today

Today, our valued customers encounter the same expertise and service excellence in our Flagship Stores around the world – from Geneva to New York to Hong Kong. “Davidoff of Geneva since 1911” is the destination of choice for anyone aspiring to fine hand-made cigars and sophisticated gifts

The look and feel of our stores retell the legacy of the original store in Geneva and continue the tradition of creating an inspiring place where aficionados can find exceptionally crafted cigar, luxury cigar accessories and exclusive limited editions.

locker membership

Your time is our ultimate priority

We invite you to fill your time beautifully and become an exclusive locker member among cigar aficionados. Please ask your local store manager for details.


From customized cigar bands to engraved pens and smoking accessories, give your gift a personal touch at your local Davidoff of Geneva store today!

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Davidoff of Geneva
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